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Groove Nation is a collective of the finest musical talent the UK has to offer. We provide a range of high quality musical options that are available for all manner of events, weddings, corporate parties and residencies. 

However, this may all sound very familiar. What makes Groove Nation different to any other music agency, collective or entertainment business? 

There are a number of values that define who we are as a business.

Firstly, we provide top quality entertainment solutions for events. Working with clients from across the country for events big and small, our main focus in this element of the business is ultimate satisfaction for our clients, matched only by our dedication to providing fair and enjoyable working conditions for our musicians. These two goals help us to ensure that every event is a success, and to date, we have a 100% customer guarantee, with nothing but glowing 5 ⭐️  reviews. 

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"The UnSwung Heroes and DJ were absolutely incredible on our wedding day! The band are so talented and definitely got our guests dancing till the end of the night. I'd really recommend The UnSwung Heroes for any wedding. The team was also brilliant in helping us book and organise everything. The communication in the lead up to the big day was great and put our minds at ease."

2022 Wedding Client - The UnSwung Heroes Danceband 

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Reducing Costs For Clients While Improving Quality


Secondly, we specialise in providing multiple musical options for events.
For example, for a wedding, we can provide a string quartet for the ceremony, a jazz quartet for dinner background music, a Ceilidh or function band for your evening party, followed by a DJ to close out the evening.
This is just one example of the almost endless combinations we could provide and our team are always more than happy to advise you on what options have been tried and tested together in the past if you need guidance.
The reason this is beneficial for our clients as opposed to booking acts separately is that we can reduce your costs by sharing transport, equipment and all of the planning is done by the same team, ensuring the event goes smoothly and everything is as polished and perfect as it should be.
We can offer discounts on certain combinations so please get in touch and chat with our team and we can see how we can help you!
We also are running in a non-profit capacity. Our priority is only to pay our team fairly, and provide you with the best service. We don't charge extra for anything and we will happily provide a breakdown of exactly where your money is going at any time.

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Sharing Music With Those In Need

The final element that defines Groove Nation is our dedicated outreach programme. Not only is it very important for us to share music with our clients for events, but equally important is to share music with those who have no access to the arts, have had a disadvantaged upbringing or have fallen upon tough circumstances. The same musicians and groups that our clients can book for events will travel around the country to work with schools, hospitals, care homes and many other institutions, providing performances, masterclasses, lessons and musical games. In our eyes, it is an essential element of being a musician to share the joy and escapism that comes with performing and experiencing music. 

This mission is funded both by generous donations from members of the public and all our profits are donated to this mission. Through our website, it will be possible to gift online lessons to in-need learners on a waiting list. Please visit our dedicated outreach page for more details of our work and how you can help us with these projects. 

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Some other information about how we operate!

  • We are now 100% paperless - we use tablets for sheet music and all our admin is done electronically.

  • We only pay our musicians fair rates, as laid out by either the ISM or MU. 

  • We ensure to operate using as few vehicles as possible, utilising car shares whenever possible.

  • Every booking we get through our website, we will donate £25 to Wind-Up Penguin Theatre Company (bringing theatre to refugee children and low income communities) or a charity of your choice. 

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Our team monitor our site and emails throughout the week, and we strive to have a reply to you within 24 hours, regardless of whether it is regarding an event, outreach or general enquiries.

Please browse our website and we hope to work with you soon!

The Groove Nation Entertainment Team!


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