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Groove Nation is the coming together of over a hundred of some of the finest musicians London has to offer. 

We have chosen to create Groove Nation with the intention of promoting these musicians as they are exceptional at their craft. But we believe that it is just as important for us to share music with everyone, not just our clients. 

We are incredibly proud to bring high quality performances to events big and small, making sure everything is just as our clients would like. But there are many others who would benefit from the talents of our musicians. 

In 2023, we will be launching our outreach programme, which will see our musicians working with organisations and charities to bring music to places where it is much harder to access, or where it can make the biggest difference. 

Here are some of the examples of where we aim to make a difference:

  • Schools - More and more often, are having funding for the arts taken away, leaving children, some of whom already have a strong passion for music, with no easily accessible route into music. 

  • Youth Centres/Music Hubs - Working with council/privately run hubs to help wherever possible to provide children who might not be able to afford access to music tuition a chance to experience music and learn an instrument.

  • Hospitals - Performances and ward visits to people of all ages who are unable to leave due to health conditions and restrictions. We feel that this could have a real positive impact on patients wellbeing and mental states.

  • Care Homes - It has been proven repeatedly in various surveys undertaken by care homes that residents have a much higher satisfaction level when included in activities such as music. Whether this is a performance or a set of workshops, we feel that working with elderly members of the population is just as crucial as working with younger generations.

  • Refugee Camps - Several of our musicians have worked with the Wind-Up Penguin Theatre Company, who are an amazing charity who take wordless theatre to refugee camps across Europe. Their work is phenomenal and we hope to be able to support Wind-Up Penguin with our outreach work in the future. 


  • We hope to be able to encourage donations, either financial or of unwanted instruments ( in working condition) to help us bring instruments and tuition to those who would be who otherwise unable to experience music. 

  • Each booking we take through our website, we will ask our wonderful clients if they would like to donate towards our projects. There is no obligation to do so, and any donation, big or small will go towards a very good cause. 

  • You can gift music lessons! Our gift card page on our site allows you to gift lessons. Simply address the gift card to Groove Nation and we will allocate the lessons to someone on our radar who would benefit! You can also gift these to friends and family, if you know someone who has been putting off getting music lessons!

  • We will also be recording and making available a whole range of instrumental and vocal lessons, which we will share with families that can't afford regular music tuition, and will aim to update these regularly, alongside virtual and in-person drop in sessions, to allow participants to meet our musicians and discuss any troubles they've been having while learning. 


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